The Christian Book Room has several ministries. Most CBR publications are offered freeChristain Book Room China Gospel Publishing of charge to full time evangelist, pastors and believers in need. We receive a steady stream of visitors to our Hong Kong warehouse each week who transport these materials all over China.

As you read through what we are doing, we ask that you consider how you might pray for our work.


One of the projects very near to our heart is CBR’s annual calendar ministry. Hundreds of thousands of calendars (samples available upon request) provide a constant source of refreshment and gospel stimulus because of the very clear monthly gospel message. The “Light & Love Calendar” is for both intinerant evangelists and illiterate villagers, who readily grasp the graphic monthly illustrated message.


This well-known material, “The Hear Series” is based upon Jeremiah 17:9, John 3:16 Christain Book Room China Gospel Publishingand Matthew 13. Hundreds of thousands of these three books have bee distributed freely in classical and simplified Chinese character as well as in Korean, Tibetan, Miao-Hmong, Vietnamese, Burmese, Tagalog, Indonesian and Malaysian and Indian & African dialects.


Our chinese version of “The gospel Witness” reaches into many of China’s provinces through a network of five inland producers.


The Christian Book Room has ministered to many visitors from China’s inland Christain Book Room China Gospel Publishingprovinces, as well as visitors from overseas. During the Japanese occupation of China, and for the first decade after the Communist victory in China’s civil war, many made their way to the Book Room (then in Shanghai) for gospel literature, reassurance, direction and comfort.

Many from China’s vast interior, who now also visit us for materials, often stay a night or two. those who carry materials throughout China, and others who have begun teaching English within China, have used the CBR in Hong Kong as a stopping-off point on their entry or exit. Staying in our “Prophet’s Chamber,” which is but a simple room with a bed and a shower, is “R&R” in preparation for onward movement in the will of God.